5 Unmistakable Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Waterproofing Ann Arbor, MI

Foundation water damage occurs when the foundation of your house is exposed to water or wet soil for a prolonged period. Water damage causes the house to start shifting due to the inability of the foundation to hold its weight. The building’s vertical integrity is also compromised and the structure sinks more into the ground. You may also experience foundation and basement wall bowing as a result of water damage.

You can avoid the havoc caused by water on your building by waterproofing its foundation. Foundation waterproofing entails techniques and materials that are used to stop water from seeping through the basement of a home. When effectively done, foundation waterproofing eliminates seepage of water and moisture through the foundation, thus helping you avert foundation water damage.Foundation Waterproofing | Ann Arbor, MI | Healthy Homes of Michigan

To protect your property and stay safe, you need to be on the lookout for signs that your foundation needs to be waterproofed. Here are some key signs.

  1. Damp Basement Walls

Basement walls should be dry, unless there is some water leakage inside the basement. If there is no visible leakage within the basement and basement walls are wet, this is an indication that water is seeping in from outside. Foundation waterproofing is necessary to avert any damage by water to the foundation.

  1. Puddles of Water on the Basement Floor

If you spot unexplained puddles of water on the floor of your basement, you need to let a certified foundation waterproofing contractor inspect the basement. Water could be penetrating through some sections of the foundation and collecting at some points on the floor of the basement. The contractor will also check for seepage from the floor of the basement since this can also damage the foundation and basement walls.

  1. Musty Odor

Basements usually have musty odors if they are damp. The musty smell is associated with the growth of mold. Since mold grows in damp conditions, the presence of musty odor in your basement is a sign that the basement is constantly wet or humid and the foundation of your house needs to be waterproofed.Foundation Waterproofing | Ann Arbor, MI | Healthy Homes of Michigan

  1. Mold Growth

Apart from the presence of musty odor in your basement, you may also come across patches of mold at various points in the basements. The growth of mold is a clear signal that your basement is damp and needs to be fixed.

  1. Cracks on the Foundation Walls

Although some types of cracks are common on foundations, you should be worried when you see cracks that keep on expanding. Large cracks can allow water to penetrate the foundation and cause serious structural damage.  You need to call a foundation waterproofing company if you see cracks on your foundation.

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