Causes of Water Damage

Water is very intrusive and can easily enter your basement through several different avenues.

Know the Causes of Water Damage and How to Protect Your Home

Every homeowner should have some basic knowledge about what causes water damage in order to know how to avoid it. There are many different ways that water can enter a basement and it can leave many different symptoms.

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How Water Enters a Basement

Water is very intrusive and can easily enter your basement through several different avenues. The main reason water enters a basement is hydrostatic pressure. This pressure is created when the soils that surround your basement walls become saturated with water and have no place else to go. Pressure is then exerted against the walls and water is forced into your basement through any cracks or voids.
The most common ways that water enters a basement include:
  • Floor cracks: Water can rise through your basement floor and enter through any small or large floor cracks. Floor cracks can also allow dangerous radon gases to enter your basement.
  • Gaps in wall and floor joints: If your home has experienced foundation settlement, it could have created gaps where your walls and floors meet. Water can easily make its way through these gaps and cause damage in your basement.
  • Leaky rod holes: Sometimes tie rods can poke through the surface of the wall and create a hole where water can leak into your basement.
  • Leaky window wells: Water can also leak through any gaps or voids in window wells where the well is separated from the wall.
  • Wall cracks: Whether big or small, water can push through even the tiniest of wall cracks and cause water damage. Hydrostatic pressure plays a big role in water intrusion through wall cracks.

The Impacts of Water Damage

Not only does water damage in your basement leave you with a wet mess to clean up, but it also impacts the health of your home and your family. Water damage can cause mold growth, allergic reactions, or other respiratory-related illnesses for your family.At Healthy Homes of Michigan, your family’s health is our top priority. We install quality, closed waterproofing systems to keep your home dry and your family safe from the negative impacts of water damage. Contact us today for your evaluation!

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