Crawl Space Solutions

The health of your crawl space can have a significant impact on the rest of your home.

Improve Your Home’s Health with Crawl Space Solutions

Taking care of your crawl space means taking care of your home. For a lot of homeowners, crawl spaces tend to be out of sight, and, therefore, out of mind. The health of your crawl space can have a significant impact on the rest of your home which is why we offer many different solutions, such as our Ann Arbor crawl space insulation to keep it healthy.

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Our Crawl Space Solutions

While crawl spaces are prone to many different issues, they also come with many different solutions. At Healthy Homes of Michigan, we provide customized solutions to take care of any problem your crawl space may have. We realize each home is unique and requires specific solutions for specific problems. No matter what problems you may be experiencing with your crawl space, we will recommend a proper solution.


Encapsulating your crawl space can quickly transform it into a clean, dry, healthy space. We install a thick plastic liner along the floor and walls of your crawl space that provides a completely waterproof barrier that protects your crawl space from mold, mildew, musty odors, and pest infestation.


Crawl space insulation in your Ann Arbor home can help with temperature control and help save you money on your monthly energy bills. We install a vapor barrier on the walls to keep moisture out and spray foam along the rim joist to keep it well insulated.


A crawl space dehumidifier works around the clock to keep the air inside your crawl space clean and dry. We use the WiseAire™ Dehumidification System to clean the air in your crawl space and keep the air inside your main living areas healthy as well.

Vent Covers

Crawl space vents were once thought to aid crawl space air circulation, but as it turns out, they only let moisture and humid air inside. Crawl space vents only cause problems, so it’s important to cover them with vent covers to keep moisture out.

Crawl Space Supports

If your crawl space structural issues are causing the floors inside your home to sag, crawl space support posts can lift the sagging floor joists back into place for permanent support. This will restore your crawl space’s structural stability and fix those sagging floors inside your home.

Crawl Space Solutions for a Healthy Home

Taking care of your crawl space helps improve the overall health of your home which is our top priority. We’ve helped homeowners across Michigan improve the health of their homes with a variety of solutions, including Detroit, Livonia and Ann Arbor crawl space insulation. Contact us today for your evaluation!

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