What Causes Foundation Problems

Knowing the causes of foundation problems could help you be proactive and prevent further damage to your home.

Know the Causes of Foundation Problems

Knowing the causes of foundation problems can help you be proactive and prevent further damage to your home. Once you notice the signs of foundation problems, the damage is already done. Identifying the causes can help you stop a foundation problem before it causes lasting damage.

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What Causes Foundation Problems?

Water is the main culprit that causes most foundation problems. The moisture content in the ground can cause many problems and result in a settling foundation.

Common causes of foundation problems include:

Drainage problems: Rainwater should be properly drained from your yard to keep it from pooling up around your foundation. Without proper drainage, water will soak into the ground around your foundation walls and cause problems.

Expansive soils: Changing weather conditions can cause soils in the ground to expand and contract. Expansion and contraction create voids in the soil and cause it to become less supportive, making your foundation settle into the ground.

Hydrostatic pressure: As soil becomes saturated with water, water with no place else to go will push against your foundation walls. This hydrostatic pressure can cause your foundation walls to bow and buckle.

Trees and tree roots: As tree roots expand under the ground, they can push massive amounts of pressure against your foundation wall, weakening them over time.

If you are able to identify these causes before they result in major issues, it could save you a lot of time, money, and headaches by preventing extensive foundation damage.

Prevent Foundation Problems and Protect Your Home

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