What Type Of Vapor Barrier Should I Use? Livonia, MI

When you decide to encapsulate your crawlspace, you will face several decisions. One such decision is how thick the vapor barrier ought to be. Many homeowners are confused about what thickness is acceptable and whether they should go with a thicker vapor barrier.

Do you have a moisture problem in your crawlspace? Crawlspace waterproofing is one of the best investments you could make for the safety of your home. This often involves encapsulation of the crawlspace.


Crawlspace encapsulation involves closing off the crawlspace to the surrounding environment. A vapor barrier keeps moisture out of the crawlspace and encloses it. This keeps the crawlspace dry and clean.

Is thicker better?

Vapor barriers are plastic sheets designed to keep moisture out of the crawlspace. They are often made of a thermoplastic polymer and are available in various thicknesses ranging from 6 mil to 20 mil. 1 mil is equal to 1 thousandth of an inch.

When it comes to determining the best thickness for your crawlspace, it is important to consider your local building code requirements and ASTM E1745 standards. The vapor barrier you purchase should have the tensile strength, permeance resistance, and puncture resistance required to ensure your crawlspace will remain dry for the long term.

Thicker vapor barriers also provide more excellent permeance resistance. This means that they are more resistant to vapor barriers. Installing a thick vapor barrier will help ensure that your crawlspace will remain dry no matter how wet the conditions in the environment are.


The thicker the vapor barrier you go with, the better it is for your crawlspace. Thicker vapor barriers are more durable. This is important for a space that you will use for storage or accessing utilities. A thick vapor barrier won’t tear easily when you drag items across it for storage. You can stand on thicker vapor barriers without worrying about puncturing them.

Consult a waterproofing expert

If you’re still unsure of what thickness to get for your crawlspace, consult a crawlspace waterproofing professional. They will guide you in selecting the best vapor barrier for your crawlspace based on your circumstances and what you want to achieve with the encapsulation process. It is worth spending some time to ensure you get the right product.

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